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US-3103421-A: Marchetti patent, US-3107771-A: Keyboard lock patent, US-3110925-A: Electric stunner for livestock patent, US-3118459-A: Apparatus for wetting dry materials patent, US-3120259-A: High energy tube forming means patent, US-3143709-A: Broad band frequency multiplier and mixer patent, US-3145451-A: Sleeve mounting means patent, US-3155390-A: Hobby horse patent, US-3158681-A: Process for the anchorage of armored cables and cable line obtained therefrom patent, US-3160494-A: Granular pesticidal composition employing coffee grounds as carrier medium patent, US-3163884-A: Electrical stunning of small stock patent, US-3166093-A: Check valve patent, US-3179516-A: Direct powder rolling patent, US-3184123-A: Dispensing device patent, US-3185540-A: Method of removing carbon monoxide from gas mixtures patent, US-3186703-A: Vehicle window control device patent, US-3187546-A: Pulling head for installing fasteners with stems and locking the stem therein patent, US-3197820-A: Sun shade patent, US-3201386-A: Coumermycin and salts thereof patent, US-3212614-A: Combined parking meter and token dispenser with replaceable magazine patent, US-3217549-A: Automatic sampling device patent, US-3256759-A: Adjustable open-end wrench having a sloping rod camming means to slide a rack catch patent, US-3261634-A: Card handling device patent, US-3275573-A: Polymeric epoxides patent, US-3284423-A: Pressure-sensitive creep-resistant resin composition patent, US-3285220-A: Water vehicle patent, US-3301799-A: Rubber latex, graphite and cement patent, US-3304117-A: Deck lid hinge assembly patent, US-3317926-A: Swimming pools patent, US-3318052-A: Device for maintaining operative relation between a dressing tool and grinding wheel patent, US-3322388-A: Hinged joint support for a rear vision mirror mounting patent, US-3332033-A: Base drive circuit for voltagecontrolled transistor saturable reactor oscillator patent, US-3332219-A: Machine for wafering forage crops of variable moisture content patent, US-3333052-A: Communications encoding and decoding system employing selective attenuation and phase shifting of synchronizing signals and harmonics patent, US-3334200-A: Electric hand lantern with improved snap-on switch patent, US-3370615-A: Pipe end protecting ring patent, US-3383455-A: Isolator patent, US-3391122-A: Catalytic ester interchanger reaction in process for preparing linear polyesters patent, US-2004041365-A1: Safety-release binding patent, US-3403503-A: Stranded rope and process for making it patent, US-3410171-A: Cocking device for automatic fire arms patent, US-3410895-A: Process for the production of alpha-naphthalene sulphonic acid patent, US-3415621-A: Crystalline metaboric acid by hydrolysis of secondary alkyl borate ester patent, US-3440094-A: Ultrasonic egg cleaning patent, US-3444513-A: School bus flasher circuit patent, US-3446437-A: Rocket nozzle support and pivoting system patent, US-3477367-A: Printing press patent, US-3482222-A: Electrical switching apparatus patent, US-3486247-A: Ski boot construction patent, US-3490890-A: Metal-to-glass seal patent, US-3503487-A: Article feeding apparatus patent, US-3508375-A: Method and apparatus for covering a load on a pallet patent, US-3508746-A: Television repair device patent, US-3525147-A: Method of making a field member for a dynamoelectric device patent, US-3528309-A: Mechanical drive patent, US-3542644-A: Wet strength paper comprising starch carbamoylethyl ethers patent, US-3546893-A: Control system for storage apparatus patent, US-3548461-A: Textile fiber web forming and feeding apparatus and method patent, US-3558887-A: Apparatus for measuring of quantum radiation patent, US-3570626-A: Loudspeaker with asymmetrically shaped diaphragm patent, US-3582791-A: Antenna coupling and tuning circuit patent, US-3585850-A: Device for counting heat or cold units patent, US-3590623-A: Method for reforming and straightening members patent, US-3598294-A: Inhalation-responsive aerosol dispenser patent, US-3613924-A: Material-handling system patent, US-3616998-A: Thermostatic control device patent, US-3620483-A: Doorcheck patent, US-3620541-A: Sealplate stiffener ring for airbrake service portion cover patent, US-3620956-A: Mechanism for thin film deposition patent, US-3622033-A: Oil filler plug with vent passage patent, US-3624336-A: Electrocontour machining setup and method patent, US-3631749-A: Device for modifying the path of a continuous rod as manufactured by a machine such as a cigarette-making machine patent, US-3642142-A: Centering devices for endless filter belt patent, US-3643574-A: Focusing device for optical equipment patent, US-3653035-A: Chord law companding pulse code modulation coders and decoders patent, US-3654423-A: Percussive welder patent, US-3671934-A: Automobile theft alarm for detecting unauthorized energization of resistive load patent, US-2419519-A: Conversion of hydrocarbons patent, US-2421237-A: Air charger for jet pumps patent, US-2437874-A: Shingle patent, US-2439143-A: Toy helicopter patent, US-2444590-A: Crystal plate and method of fabricating same patent, US-2449921-A: Seismic method of locating faults patent, US-2469086-A: Reciprocating compressor having means for separating gaseous refrigerant from foam patent, US-2470896-A: Recovery of sulfonic acids from spent sulfonating agent patent, US-2482186-A: Rug stretcher patent, US-2483836-A: Emulsion product and process of making patent, US-2485568-A: Arrangement for repeating oscillograph indications at a distance patent, US-2487711-A: Friction brake patent, US-2493682-A: Folding chair patent, US-2500450-A: Control valve for fluid-pressure systems patent, US-2506133-A: Epicyclic drive patent, US-2508895-A: Pulse transmitting system patent, US-2511954-A: Bevel gear holder patent, US-2539166-A: Ash receiver patent, US-2543496-A: Shovel attachment for tractors patent, US-2545227-A: Saxophone patent, US-2549827-A: Recovery of adenylic acid patent, US-2551984-A: Mixer patent, US-2553470-A: Production of alkenyl phenols patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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